Adršpašské skály (Adrshpach rocks)

Adršpach rocks are the real natural miracle. It is a place in which a man admires the art of Nature. And a place, which everybody likes to visit it more times.

Blankytná voda Čekání na pramici

Your path

The sightseeing starts near the entrance of Hotel Lesní zátiší or near the second cashplace on the opposite of the train stop. On the beginning of the path you will see Strážce skal (The rock guard), then Orlí hnízdo (Eagle´s nest) follows and behind it you will see one of the nicest objects here – Džbán (Pot) which handle resembles a dolphin. On your right side you will see Krakonošova lenoška (Krakonoš´s easychair) and behind the bridge the most photographend and most majestic objects awaits you – Homole cukru (Sugar loaf). It stands literally on its tip and a man gets a feeling that it will not stay much longer. That´s why children put small wooden sticks to support it. The forest path continues through the rocks to the first spacy place – the so-called Předměstí (Suburb). There you will see another interesting objects, such as Rukavice (gloves) or Dvojčátka v peřince (Twins in a swaddling clothes). Right behind Rukavice, where only a narrow passage is formed by the rocks, you will see gothic gate, that you have probably noticed in many czech TV fairy tales. The entrance to the stony town was actually there. Then Dlohá chodba (Long corridor) follows and through this you will get to the fairy Sloní náměstí (Elephant square), in which there are really plenty of elephant trunks. Then there are well-known rocks such as Milenka (Lover) and Krakonošova ložnice (Krakonoš´s bedroom). This part of the sightseeing is ended by Malé náměstí (Small square) with Stříbrný vodopád (Silver waterfall) and Malý vodopád (Small waterfall).

Gotická branka Říčka

Waterfall and a cruise on the lake

To the right there is a turn to Velký vodopád (Great waterfall), that does a miracle on your wish. Just try to shout „Krakonoš“ and you will see whether the watchword works. From the waterfall you will get – by the steep steel ladders - to the romantic lake. On that lake you will cruise together with a guide that is famous for his morbid humour. When you return to the Small square, the path continues round Prašná brána (Sandy gate) to the Skalní hrad (Stony castle) and to two towers called Guillotine. Then Želva (turtle) and Cukrovar (Sugar mill) follow together with slim chimney and then there is a beautiful viewsite to famous and majestic doublerock „Mayor and his wife“.

Forward for Mouse hole

When you go between the couple Mayor and his wife, you will have to pass the mysterious gap called Mouse hole. You will literally get through this wonderful and long gap to the so called Krakonošovo piáno (Krakonoš´s piano). The whole stony path is closed by Skalní ozvěna (Stony echo), where since 1783 for people pleasure was played on French horns and shot from a cannon.  The noise of a shot was seven times echoed from the sides of Křížový vrch (Cross hill). The sightseeing finishes by passing the quarry – former gravel pit that is nowadays drowned by the underground water. Its turquoise blue water is a balsam for eyes. It is possible to hire a boat in quarry and finish the trip on lovely waves.

Branka do skal Gate to the rocks Cesta do skal Path to the rocks
Homole cukru Sugar loaf Koberec Carpet
Madona s děťátkem Madona with a child Myší díra Mouse hole
Pískovna Gravel pit Pramen Spring
Projížďka po jezírku Cruise on a lake Sloní náměstí Elephant square
Soutěska k jezírku Gap to a lake Starosta a starostová Mayor and his wife