Mysterious castles

Sandstone rocks that are grown with fern and moss and are being shadowed by high trees seem to be mysterious on their own. However, a trinity of ruins from medieval times makes that place even more mysterious. Castles as Adršpach, Střemen and Skály are located nearby the well-known stony objects and deserve no less attention. They are even for free… !

The most mysterious castle is Střemen, that had been constructed inside the rocks. On the top of the rock towers a wooden house staid.. we know it thanks to the remnants of joints with the rock that can be seen even today. If we study the history of the castle, we will find even more mysterious things. No one knows, when it was built, who had built it and who owned it since the era of Charles IV, who writes about Střmen in his memoirs. Mysterious is even the collapse of the building. People think that it was conquered during the polish raids in 1447, when Adršpach was plundered – but no one knows, whether the caste staid in that time either. However, today you can enjoy a beautifull view from its top, when the weather is fine, you can see Teplice rocks and even Sněžka, the highest mountain in Czech republic.

The Adršpach castle was founded in 1320 to 1330 by the order of king John Luxembourg. Not very nice attention was paid to the castle during the Hussite wars, because it was owned by Hynek from Náchod, who was a strong catholic. However, in 1430 Adršpach castle was conquered but six years later it was given to the Dubá lords. But the deterioration of it was unstoppable. In 1447 polish soldiers plundered the region and Adršpach castle was demolished by them. Today we can admire only remnants of it, small walls and modest remnants of the castle well.

The bravest castle was Skály castle, that is mentioned for the first time in 1393. Although it was demolished by the polish raiders as well, it was reconstructed. Since 1567 it is mentioned as abandonned castle. Today it admires tourists by its large chambers dug to the rock. Very well recognisable are the staircases and really well-preserved chamber with arched ceiling. And what is more, under the castle there is a small village of the same name, where visitors can refresh themselves by some beer for example.