Teplické skály (Teplice rocks)

Sightseeing path of Teplice stone town

Teplice nad Metují, that had been named after the warm water springs that do not freeze even in harsh winters, lies in northeast Bohemia on Metuje river approximately 10km from its spring. You can easily find the town on a map when you look for Broumov (15 km away) or Náchod (26km).

Touristic track through Teplice rocks (long either 5 or 9 km) uses blue touristic marks. It takes at least three hours to go through that track. From Teplice rocks through Vlčí rokle (Wolf´s gill) you may reach Adršpach. As well as in Adršpach, there the objects bear interesting names, that were given to them sometimes in 18th and 19th centuries.

If in Adršpach you may see isolated towers and stony pillars, here in Teplice rocks are more wild and greater stony walls. What is more, you will not struggle with people here, as you will probably do in Adršpach. And that is a big advantage.

Beginning of the path

You take a wide road round the last house in the area, when you leave the cashplace. Then, after approximately 100 metres you take the footpath and enter the forest. The footpath will lead you to the first stairs and then to Ozvěna (Echo), old wooden summerhouse with a view to Lysý vrch (Bald hill). From the Echo you continue on the stony forest path that ascends to the narrow walley full of tall trees and stones covered in moss. More far you go into the walley, higher the rocks are and the walley is more and more narrow and dramatic.

Střmen castle

Approximately 400metres from the Echo you will cross the branch heading to remnants of Střmen castle, that is worth the effort. Right from the path a set of stairs and ladders ascend to the places, where once a guard castle stood. Advanturous and a bit adrenaline-like climbing is ended by steep ladder, by which you can reach a rock that serves as a view place. The same path you have to make on your return. Great view is worth it.

Žebříky u hradu Střmen Ladders near Střmen castle

Teplice symbols

After some 500 metres the walley changes. There are lesser trees and all around are high rocks – 50 metres high walls, huge stones, slim towers, outhangs, holes and dark caves. Housenka, Skalní brána, Krakonošova harfa, Vlaštovčí hnízdo, Řeznická sekera (Worm, Stony gate, Krakonoš´s harp, Swallow´s nest, Butcher´s axe)- those are only some of the great rocks there. On a crossroad continue the straight direction and in a while you will stand under one of the symbols of Teplice rocks – huge and smooth Guard tower. From a cottage near Skalní nevěsta (Stony bride) také some stairs, pass the stony gate and you will see the crossroads near Siberia. From the right side – from the Siberia rocks – blows calm wind, that charms and attracts you…

However, choose the left path. You will ascend using stone stairs, pass through Velké chrámové náměstí (Great temple square) round the Skalní kaple (Stony chapell) cave and you will reach the Malé chrámové náměstí. (Small temple square) Through the narrow pass you will get to the so-called Lion´s cave and another crooked path will lead you to the second stony gate. Then the path gets wider – that is a sign that you are in Krakonoš´s garden. There are the highest and most famous stony objects of Teplice rocks - Skalní koruna, Chrámové a Martinské stěny, Skalní chrám. (Stony crown, Temple and Martin walls, Stony temple) A cave in Temple walls is the highest cave in all the Adršpach-Teplice region. People played on a barell organ for the entertainment of tourists. Even today you may see a porch on which a barell organ player stood. A path leads you round the rocks, then you will pass the walley and again, you will ascend. You pass the stone objects such as - Ruka v pěst, Indián Inka, Hrad Trosky, Kanec, Pes (A fist, Indian Ink, Trosky castle, Boar and Dog) and many others.

Chrámová stěna Temple wall

Second part of the path

When you reach a stony gate under the Boar, you are passing the highest place of the whole path – and you are in the half of it. From that place you will only descend. You will go round another symbols of Teplice rocks, Lední medvěd (Sea bear), stony gate and through stony pass you will reach Anenské walley. The stony walls will again rise a bit. Here you can admire another objects, such as Lahvičky inkoustu, Skalní orel, Ruka se zmrzlinou a pes, Spící labu, Kvočna, (Bottles of ink, Stony eagle, Hand with an icecream and a dog, Sleeping swan, Clucking hen etc)

The underworld - Siberia

Beyond your expectations the rocks suddenly get very narrow and a path leads only through very narrow footpaths. And even then they get narrower. You have to pass the tunnel under the stones and descend some stairs when passing to the Underworld. Here a Siberia begins: narrow, zigzag and deep footpaths, dampness, dimness, cold and nearly „everlasting snow“, green moss on the stony walls and lissom fern above your heads, passes in the stones. After some 200 metres you will get to the crossroads, where the path terminates. Here you také the left direction and using the same way you came here you reach the cashplace and parking place.


For the third year Teplice rocks offer wonderful view. In the area of Temple walls a duckhawk (spiecie that is endangered) lives. Although part of the path is closed (to protect the hawk), it is possible to see hawks flying above the rocks. When offsprings are born it is possible to see that view using binoculars. If you are lucky, you will witness this small natural miracle.

Skalní útvar připomínající kočku Stony object resembling a cat
Teplice path